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Valentine Variety: Crafty Projects for all Ages!

Whether you are a child, in love, or just a hopeless romantic, Valentine’s Day will always be a holiday to look forward to with great anticipation. Looking to try something new? Here are three easy ideas you can whip up in a few minutes that require more thought and caring than big bucks!  I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Heart Felt Puppets

Finger puppets are a cinch to make with two hearts cut from felt or other heavy weight fabric. Glue the edges together leaving the bottom open for fitting onto your finger. Decorate the hearts with fabric paints, yarn, pom pons, google eyes, glitter, and other trim to create a neighborhood full of friendly finger puppets to play with or give away. This project is suitable for any kid whether they are 3 or 33! They are great for quiet play to keep children entertained but can work for adults too. Heart felt puppets could also be used to adorn a special bottle of wine for a friend, add Valentine flair to candy pops or suckers on a stick, or make larger versions to use has as gift wrapping for a special piece of jewelry or other small gift.

Stuck on You

It is harder and harder for kids to come up with something creative they can give to adults on Valentine’s Day. These hearts won’t get pushed into a drawer because they can be used all year long. To make, cut heart shapes from colorful, thin foam sheets you can buy at any craft store, then add embellishments with craft glue and cut out letters, glitter, smaller foam shapes, decorative ribbon and more. With your creative magic they can become faces, message boards for words of love, or mini works of art. After they dry, attach a stick on magnet to the back and they are ready to give. These magnets will have a life long after Valentine’s Day as they decorate and hold up messages on file cabinets, desks, and refrigerators everywhere. I still have some from several years ago on my fridge today!

Button Up Hearts

To turn any shirt into a Valentine Shirt, cut tiny hearts from craft foam, cut a tiny X in the middle and fit over the buttons of your finest white shirt. Presto, you just went from drab to dazzling! Hmm do you think you can get Dad to wear them to work on Valentine’s Day!


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