Darla Bio

Early on I decided that whatever I did, it was going to be done with creativity and become an expression of all of my talents.  I view life as a blank canvas that is constantly changing and being refined but never really finished. 

I wish I had nine lives like a cat so I can do everything I want to do in one lifetime, but even nine would not be enough!  So far I have been an educator, assistant professor, PR professional, magazine editor, graphic artist, interior designer, educational trainer, author, columnist, and professional speaker.  Add to that a personal life that includes being a wife, mother, only daughter, sister, aunt and more to my large extended family and you understand why I relate so well to my readers and audiences; I have been where they are, busy people with lives!

I enjoy sharing stories about my family in my speaking and writing because they are true and undoubtedly some of the funniest stories ever heard. I rarely allow my family to hear me speak because I’m afraid they will realize they are some of my best material!

I value people and believe my friendships are one of my best strengths. I encourage everyone to practice “The Art of Being Still” by taking at least five minutes each day to clear the mind of negative messages and be physically still. This simple practice brings a clarity of purpose, focused productivity and peace into my work and relationships. I try to do this everyday but sometimes life gets in the way and I have to pull myself back on track.

I live in central Missouri with my husband Paul and daughter Doran, a Yorkie named Dexter and Sparkle, who we rescued from our local dog pound. I believe there are more adventures ahead of me so who knows where I will end up!


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