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I would like to introduce you to Dexter, our 2-year-old Yorkie who is wise beyond his years. I’ve learned a lot from Dexter and decided perhaps you too could benefit from his particular brand of wisdom. From time to time, I will share an insight, a view, a preference and an occasional cute picture from Dexter that will serve to inspire us all!

First a little history. I have several friends who have Yorkies and for a while our daughter had been hounding, I mean politely mentioning, how ‘cute they were and wouldn’t it be just great to have our own’? We heard it so much that we started to believe it ourselves and started a secret search to find one that would be the perfect match for our family. In our quest we realized there was a Yorkie breeder living in   our area and gave them a call. One of her dogs recently had two pups, a male and female, but they were both spoken for. She assured us that there would be others available and we prepared to wait. Lucky for us she called us back a few weeks later saying the family who had the male dog changed their mind and would we be interested? Of course we said yes and my husband and I went to check him out. He was his adorable self and on the spot decided he was meant for us. He had been named Dexter and become used to it so, despite the fact that the only other Dexter I’d ever heard of was a serial killer, we accepted him name and all!

As you can tell from the photo, he is an avid sun worshiper. His best friend is Sparkle, our 11-year-old saved from the pound terrier mix, and they both enjoy wrestling, napping and any brand of doggie treats! Dexter has become quite close to my husband, Paul, who swore he would never have a little dog in the house. It seems he has changed his mind!


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