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The 365 Challenge: What are you thankful for?

Yes tomorrow is the official day that we set aside for being ‘Thankful’ but in reality Thanksgiving Day should be a reminder/wakeup call to be thankful, grateful or mindful every day of the year! My challenge to you is to help me do a 365!  I am starting a thankful list on this blog and am challenging all my followers and friends to add to it in the comments section. The goal? To reach a grand total of at least 365 items to be thankful for before Thanksgiving Day is over.

Can we do it? Yes we can!!

I am thankful for: good health, home, my daughter, my husband, my little mama, my son and daughter-in-law, brothers, sister-in-laws, nephews and their families, my great-nephew, our dogs Sparkle and Dexter, all my aunts, uncles and cousins, my faith, freedom, my eyesight, my hearing, my strange mind, creativity, my legs for exercising, sense of touch, sunshine, sunrise, sunset, the smell of rain, fingers to type with, my friends of all ages, backgrounds, and interests who make my life so much fun, good memories that sustain me, bad memories to learn from, silence, giggling babies, hot chocolate, my voice, singing, rhythm, pumpkins, squash, chocolate, pecans, old photographs, books, shoes, clothes, reading glasses, fingernails, fuzzy socks, popcorn, warm soup on a cold day, hot apple cider, sticky notes, my car, feet for walking, soft, warm blankets, puppies, clients who hire me to speak, Facebook friends, the Mogul Mom Community, the ability to be a friend to others, learning that never ends, listening skills, compassion, grandmothers, inventors, my imagination that fuels my soul, artwork that appeals to the heart and eye, teachers of all kinds, disciplines, and temperaments, volunteers that make our world better for no other reason but to make it better, journals with blank pages waiting to be filled, the smell of cinnamon, the musicality of my mother’s wind chimes from the farm that sounds like God talking to me, artist talent, electricity, LinkedIn connections, people who understand computers, and much, much MORE!

Now it’s your turn; comment on this blog by listing what you are thankful for and help me meet the 365 challenge!




Straighten Up!

There comes a point when the clutter and disorganization are becoming distracting and you have to stop everything and straighten up.

My moment came when the new computer I ordered finally arrived and I knew my office needed to be cleaned up and rearranged to accommodate the new system. I am a firm believer in ‘pile files’ to a point but I also am a bit of a pack rat (not the same as the Rat Pack of Hollywood lore) so I knew some of the stuff just had to go. Luckily my husband agreed to help and we tackled every inch of my office with sweepers, dusters, trash containers, glass cleaners and disinfectant wipes. At the end of the day it was a more organized, spacious area that I really like to hand out in; and work of course! Sure I have the stray box of stuff stashed behind the chair that I’m still not sure what to do with but I know it is manageable and it will disappear shortly.

With my office now looking more professional instead of where everything goes that we don’t know what to do with I have decided that everybody, every room, every everything needs straightening up now and then. I believe when you find yourself with no motivation, writer’s block, the lazies, or in a slump you should stop whatever you are doing and straighten up something. What you ask? Well I just happen to have an answer.

Start cleaning up your car: clean out your console, glove box, and any other nooks and crannies including the dash, seats, under the seats, cup holders, and any strange sticky stuff that has taken up residence.

Start cleaning up your purse or briefcase: get rid of pens that don’t work, small trash, old files and folders, grocery lists, used tissues (guilty!), lipsticks you never use, that old tin of breath mints you forgot about, old business cards, expired coupons, the handful of change that rolls around (please put in a bank not the trash) and that melted piece of chocolate.

Start cleaning out one catch-all drawer: discard the jammed stapler, pens and markers that don’t write, group like items and put them in containers, envelopes or boxes; this works for stamps, rubber bands, paperclips, erasers, lead for pencils, and stray anything.

I think that is a big enough assignment today. Have any ideas about what needs to be straightened up? Awesome! Share with me below or send me an email to my ‘brand new not sure how everything works computer’ and I will share your list with everyone!












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